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¨Kama is a great way to enhance overall sexual health and performance. Not only does it taste delicious, but the formula truly works.

That is why I stand behind Kama and recommend it to many of my patients looking to enhance there sexual & hormone health.¨

Dr. Mariana Jaramillo MD

Founder of Blue Phoenix Clinic

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Kama Tantric Sex Chocolate

for couples or single use

Delicious dark chocolate infused with the world's most potent blend of aphrodisiacs to enhance sexual pleasure and performance.

Eat 2-6 chocolate squares 30-60 minutes before intimacy or solo use. WARNING DO NOT EAT MORE THAN 6 SQUARES WITHIN 24 HOURS

Supercharge Libido & Sex Drive*

Stimulates Blood Flow*

Enhances Pleasure, Performance & Stamina*


With our potent blend of chocolate, muira pauma, maca, damiana, mucuna pruriens, arginine and epimedium this tantric chocolate is formulated to heighten libido, increase arousal, enhance your senses and performance in the bedroom.

Enjoy 2-6 squares either with yourself or a partner 30-60 minutes before intimacy. Effects last 1-4 hours. DO NOT CONSUME MORE THAN 6 SQUARES WITHIN 24 hours.



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the U.S.A.

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The World´s Most Potent Blend of Aphrodisiacs

Our goal at Kama is to deliver a product that truly works to improve your sexual health. After months of formulating and testing we are ready to release the world´s strongest blend of Aphrodisiacs in one delicious chocolate bar. Kama chocolate contains ZERO illicit drugs, psychoactive properties or substances.

60% Cocoa

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Natural aphrodisiac powered by caffeine and a touch of sweetness.*

Boosts mood*

Natural Stimulant*

Delicious & Rich in flavor


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Also known as Horny Goat Weed, this Libido-boosting herb is known for enhancing sensation and increasing desire.

Boosts Libido*

Initiates Arousal*

Increases Sensitivity*

Maca Root

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Used for centuries to support energy, blood flow, and healthy sexual function.*

Stimulates Blood Flow*

Promotes Balance*

Supports Sexual Function*


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Shown to increase sexual desire and performance and decrease anxiety.*

Enhances Mood*

Increases Blood Flow to Pelvic Region*

Intensifies Connection*

Mucuna Pruriens

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Tropical legume from Africa and Asia known to improve mood, reduce stress, and enhance sexual performance and desire.*

Boosts Dopamine*

Optimizes Hormone Health*

Increases Sensitivity*

Muira Pauma

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Medicinal plant found in the Amazon jungle used to prevent sexual disorders and increase sexual interest.*

Initiates Flow State*

Boosts Libido & Fertility*

Supports Sexual Function*

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Safe & Effective

Safety and effectiveness come first for Kama. Our product was formulated by doctors with the highest quality and effective dosage to provide the best effect possible. Our product is lab tested to ensure safety for our consumers.

Sourced Globally, 

Made in the USA

All of our dietary supplements are sourced through qualified USA & International suppliers. Our dark chocolate is also shipped in directly from Belgium.

Easy Refunds & Returns

If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with your purchase Kama will refund you within the 30 days of your initial purchase.

Discreet Shipping

Your purchase will be mailed discreetly in a non branded insulated mailer, with a cold pack included free of charge to prevent melting. We utilize both USPS and UPS for the best rates and fastest shipping times. Orders typically arrive between 3-7 days from the order date.