5 Ways Kama Can Help Boost Low Libido in 90 Days 

See Why Couples & Singles All Over The World Are Boosting Libido, Drive and Sexual Health With Kama Tantric Chocolate.

Box of 'Kama Euphorics Tantric Chocolate' surrounded by colorful crystals and succulents.

1. Boost Mood, Sex Drive & Performance

Kama Chocolate is infused with 6 of the strongest aphrodisiacs and adaptogens that are proven to improve libido, drive and performance in the bedroom. 

When taken daily for 90 days subjects have seen a dramatic increase in sex drive, overall mood, energy and deeper connection.

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2. Made For Her & Him

Our formula has incredible benefits for both him & her creating a true tantric and elevated intimate experience. 

Women typically feel heightened levels of arousal, increased wetness, and can climax much easier.

Men typically feel deeper connection, increased stamina, larger loads and can get and stay hard for much longer.

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3. Doctor Formulated To Optimize Sexual Health As Daily Supplement

Numerous studies have proven incredible benefits from each one of our carefully selected ingredients.

There are both short term instant pleasure boosting effects along with long term sexual health benefits. Kama was formulated to be taken as a daily supplement, but it can also be taken in higher doses to have an intensified intimate experience.

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4. Delicious Taste & Packed With Libido Boosting Aphrodisiacs

Kama is made with the highest quality 60% chocolate and infused with the worlds most potent blend of libido boosting aphrodisiacs. Enhancing your sexual health has never been more delicious.

Each bite is infused with Damiana for increased sensitivity and connection, Muira Puama for intensified orgasms and sexual function, Epimedium for libido and performance, Maca for blood flow and stamina, Arginine for vasodilation of the pelvic region.

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5. Enhance Connection & Create Intention

A large part of having a healthy sexual life whether single or in a relationship is to create intention behind it. Kama is about utilizing tantric energy within yourself that does not only need to be used for sex, but can be transmuted into other areas of your life to enhance each and every day. 

Couples that take Kama together are being intentional about their love for one another and increasing the enjoyment of one another.

Doctor Approved

¨Kama is a great way to enhance overall sexual health and performance. Not only does it taste delicious, but the formula truly works.

That is why I stand behind Kama and recommend it to many of my patients looking to enhance there sexual & hormone health.¨

Dr. Mariana Jaramillo MD

Founder of Blue Phoenix Clinic

Verified Buyer

Kama Tantric Chocolate

for couples or single use

Delicious dark chocolate infused with the world's most potent blend of aphrodisiacs to enhance sexual pleasure and performance.

Eat 2-6 chocolate squares 30-60 minutes before intimacy or solo use.
For best results use as a daily supplement.

Supercharge Libido & Sex Drive*

Stimulates Blood Flow*

Enhances Pleasure, Performance & Stamina*


1 month supply
60 Squares
SAVE 55%
$173.70 $79.95
$2.63 per serving
3 month supply
180 Squares
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$521 $177
$1.96 per serving
6 month supply
360 Squares
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$1,044 $294
$1.63 per serving


With our potent blend of chocolate, muira pauma, maca, damiana, mucuna pruriens, arginine and epimedium this tantric chocolate is formulated to heighten libido, increase arousal, enhance your senses and performance in the bedroom.

Enjoy 2-6 squares either with yourself or a partner 30-60 minutes before intimacy or as a daily supplement. DO NOT CONSUME MORE THAN 6 SQUARES WITHIN 24 hours.

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Hear From Other Kama Lovers

This Chocolate is Magic!! 

I was skeptical, but really was looking to spice things up with my husband and this stuff does just the trick on both of us!

Kristen T.

Not only did my libido go up, I just felt happier and more open. 

it has exceeded my husband's expectations. He loves it as it has made it easier to control the amount of stuff he puts in his wallet. He threw away his old wallet and is not going back.

Mary G.

My Wife Loves it!! (and so do I)

Never did like carrying a wallet, too bulky and uncomfortable to sit on in the back pock. I tried a lot of options but Ridge gas definitely beat the competition!

Carl S.